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Insider Secrets to Polish and Pitch Your Idea to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and More

If you are serious about getting your work on television this is…Your Next Step

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Pitch Materials that the Duffer Brothers Used to Sell
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The Final Script for Episode One of the Stranger Things Series

Just to give you an idea, here is a list of some networks looking for content right now:

Insider Strategies and Industry Connections to help you Discover how to Develop, Pitch and Sell your Story to a Major Network or Streaming Platform.

Inside the current disruption, there is a massive opportunity… but you need to act now … to catch and ride this wave right into households across the globe.

You see, Covid-19 has kept many people home and what they are doing is watching television. Lots and lots of television.

These platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have added 600 million new subscribers and they need more content to meet the demand.

Industry executives are looking everywhere for fresh voices and hot new ideas that will become the next Game of Thrones, Little Fires Everywhere, and…

All of these Television series were based on a book, and all of them won Emmys and made tons of money.

Do you want to take your shot at becoming a Hollywood success story?

It could transform your life!

Do You Want a Friend in the Entertainment Industry who can Help You Get Your Script or Story Idea in Front of Studio Executives?

Professional Mentorship to Develop, Write, Pitch and Sell Your Television Series or Film

Golan Ramraz is a producer, script writer, director and Hollywood Insider who has taught television and film writing at UCLA, USC, ASU and Pepperdine.

Golan and I have been working together for a year and that’s not only a pleasure but a relief. I’m a documentary maker and a script writer, these activities require the ability to work most of the time by myself. It’s never easy to find the motivation in the midst of construction. Having Golan on my side gives me the strength I have often lacked in the past. Before, I had to give up ideas and projects. Now this is quite the opposite! Golan makes me believe that I can get involved in more projects. His method is effective. He’s reliable and honest. In other words, I know immediately if I’m going in the good or the bad direction. I’m not only saving time but also saving my energy for a better result. And I don’t feel that I’m working with someone who’s “doing a job”. Golan loves what he’s doing and shares his talent whether there’s something to gain or not. If only I could have met him before… Well… Let’s see that from another perspective and be grateful to have met a partner who acts as a lighthouse in my fog. Thank you Golan Ramraz!

Thomas Deshays

Your Mentors

Golan Ramraz

Golan Ramraz began his career writing and producing short films, including FILM CLUB, which was eventually included on a compilation that shot to the #1 selling DVD on Amazon.
As a writer, Ramraz’s work includes both original scripts, as well as collaborations with and adaptations of work by the legendary Stan Lee (THE AVENGERS), Oscar winner Ronald Bass (RAIN MAN), Oscar nominee David Mamet (THE UNTOUCHABLES), Pulitzer Prize winner Lanford Wilson (TALLY’S FOLLY), acclaimed novelist Chuck Palahniuk (FIGHT CLUB) and bestselling author John Grisham (THE FIRM). His latest script is currently in pre-production with Oscar-winning director Bille August (PELLE THE CONQUEROR) for Millennium Films (THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD).
Films that he’s written and produced have been featured in many film festivals, winning awards worldwide at festivals such as Slamdance, Amsterdam, Chelsea, Sitges, La Mano, Brooklyn, Madrid, New York and many others.
As a development and production executive, Ramraz worked at companies such as Marvel Studios (IRON MAN) and Japanese content powerhouse Kadokawa (ONE MISSED CALL), as well as with creatives such as director Doug Liman (MR & MRS SMITH), and many others.
As an educator, in addition to founding and running film schools, festivals, programs and foundations worldwide, Ramraz has lectured in Spain, France, The Netherlands, Australia, Chile, Israel, Mexico, Bulgaria, Italy, and at colleges and universities all over the United States, including USC, Columbia and UCLA.
In addition to being a manager at the Telluride Film Festival for over a decade, and being on boards for events such as the Hollywood Film Festival, the Catalina Film Festival and several others, Ramraz also co-founded IFP Phoenix, one of only five chapters nationwide of the prestigious Independent Feature Project non-profit organization, home of the Gotham Awards.

Kristen White is a Content Catalyst and Powerful Interviewer. She can quickly add the crisp clarity, magic dust and unique brand elements to any message, book, product or campaign.  Through her award-winning interview skills, Kristen will excavate and synthesize a personal story and legacy into a magnetic brand and content strategy. Her strong intuitive insight, journalistic training and versatile wordsmithing, offer clients a wellspring of fingerprint language options to apply to all levels of their written, spoken and video communication.

Kristen is a bestselling author, award-winning documentary film director and cast member, television series creator/writer, and television on-camera journalist. As the CEO of White Media Agency, a digital media and marketing company, Kristen supports clients with unique personal brand development, speech writing and performance, book concepts, titles, outlines and marketing, and online business consulting. 

Rock the Stage, INC, offers professional video production for authors, speakers and coaches with a variety of speaking topics.  The company also offers speechwriting, broadcast quality lifestyle video interviews and fast-track book publishing via an on camera- interview.

Kristen White

Television series creator/writer

Golan Ramraz has been my mentor for years. He is the reason my latest feature was made and sold to a major distributor. What you get from Golan as a producer, collaborator, mentor or consultant is the same across the board. Golan will always be honest, hardworking, will always do what’s best for the content that is being produced, not what’s best for him. It’s an honor to know him, to work with him, and to know that he is in my corner as a filmmaker. Having Golan on any project will make the project better than hiring someone else. Not only is he a great partner to work with, he is a lifelong friend that I will always have in my corner and continue to work with for years to come.

Ali Askari

Independent Filmmaker

Kristen is the “Idea Machine”. She will help you develop characters, story arcs, pilot details and and future episodes, to make your idea more compelling and unique. She currently has a development deal with MGM and her other project is currently being considered at Netflix. She will help you look at your idea from a new dynamic perspective.

Mary D.

Our Backstory

In 2019, I was invited to the Nice Film Market for my film Shamanic Trekker. At the Film Festival, I met Golan Ramraz

I pitched him several of my ideas for a television series based on my book, Mystic in a Minivan, and other concepts. We decided to work together for the last year and I have now developed four television concepts that are in conversations with Netflix, Warner Brothers and other Studios. 

Golan helped me develop my voice and build a brand around many concepts and pitches. Now, thanks to Golan, I have a development deal with MGM and another one of my ideas is traveling up the chain at Netflix.

I said, “Golan, I know thousands of authors who have amazing ideas, but they have no idea how to put it together in the way you have taught me and get a chance to be on Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max or so many other platforms. Much less get it into the hands of the studio and industry people to read the pitch and decide if they want to buy it!!!

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Hollywood Dreams

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