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Insider Secrets to Polish and Pitch Your Idea to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and More

If you are serious about getting your work on television this is…Your Next Step

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During this LIVE virtual workshop you will learn…

How to Create the Ultimate Pitch

Transform Your Idea into a Television Series or Film Pitch for Hollywood Producers
Looking for new Original Content to Place on their
Networks and Streaming Platforms

You only get a few moments of their attention…

The most famous insider question among executives in the industry is…

“What are you working on?”

This is your moment for a massive breakthrough in film and TV and as a writer, you need to be ready.

You only have a few seconds of their attention when someone PITCHES your idea. (Hint, once you’re ready, we will pitch your idea for you!)

Being READY means all of your advance work for the PITCH is completed.

The characters are created and defined. The plot is solid. The story arc is compelling and original. All of these elements and more are packaged and ready to share.

So the PITCH is critical. It’s the key that opens the door for your idea.

During this one-day workshop, you will have a chance to craft your BIG IDEA for Television Series or Film

Here’s what we will teach you:

Specifically, learn from a Hollywood Insider How to Polish and Prepare your idea for a PITCH to executives from MGM, Warner Brothers, Universal and all the big studios.

Discover the insider terms and language used to discuss ideas for development in film and television during industry-decision making conversations.

How to create compelling and interesting characters to make your PITCH stand out.

Identify other successful shows that are similar to your idea and use them to boost attention for your PITCH.

How much money you can make selling your scripts and ideas to Television and Film Studios.

And much more….

Zoom Retreat

Special Access: $250

(Replay link available to all attendees.)

Golan has a way of elevating your work on such a deep level. Nothing surface about his approach, which is the kind of thoughtfulness that gets your project the attention from major studios. He will push you to expand in ways you didn’t know you could, and the result is a powerful alchemy. After working on a pilot rewrite with Golan, my project was put into development at a major network. If you are a serious writer, looking to take your craft to the next level from an experienced screenwriter of multiple genres who knows the business, I highly recommend Golan Ramraz.

Jamie Anderson


Why It’s Important for YOU to
Attend this LIVE Virtual Workshop:

This one-day virtual workshop is an IMPORTANT first step along the path to Developing, Pitching, and Selling a Television Series or film with our support.

Your idea caught our attention, now we want to explore together if you have the ability to go deeper and develop your ideas, build your characters, and craft your story lines. Of course, with our help and contacts.

So, you can get your idea ready to pitch a television series or a film and start the journey to become a famous screenwriter or creator.

During the Live Virtual All-Day Workshop, we will go into great detail with examples of:

How to Create the Ultimate Pitch

Transform Your Idea into a Television Series or Film Pitch for Hollywood Producers Looking for new Original Content to Place on their Networks and Streaming Platforms

If you are serious about getting your work on television this is … Your Next Step.

Join our LIVE Virtual Workshop:

Insider Secrets to Polish and Pitch Your Idea to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and More

How to Create the Ultimate Pitch

October 23rd, 2021

9 am - 3 pm PDT

10 am - 4 pm MDT

12 pm - 6 pm EDT

Registration for the event is non-refundable. A replay will be sent to all who register.

Once we have spent time together in the intimate group for the LIVE Virtual Workshop, you’ll know what you need to create to be ready for your story pitch to Hollywood Decision Makers.

Thank you for inviting me to the Group One-Day Virtual workshop.

But, I already know I want to start right now with Private Consulting to develop my idea for a Hollywood Pitch to Industry Decision Makers in the first part of 2022.

(Private Consulting is Limited to 3 Authors ONLY)

Golan came on as script advisor on a project extremely close to my heart that I have been researching and working on for almost 10 years. The project needed the touch of someone who understood this complex world (and its 18th-century wavelength) as well as good restructuring. I could not find my project whisperer. Along came Golan! Delving deep into the heart of the script and the story, Golan structured my project with his unique technique making it so much better than I dreamed it could be. If you see our WhatsApps, my calling him “genius” would appear many times…Never have I met somebody as diligent, committed, smart, and true. A man of Jedicraft, rich experience, and down to earth. Very rare in this biz. Golan is a rare gem in Tinsel town who will be my always goto for every project.

Carmit Levite


Golan Ramraz is an exceptional mentor who fiercely defends the core of integrity and creativity. His life-changing sessions are both groundbreaking and inspirational providing focus and originality.

Dee Anderson

founder of GloTime at Pinewood Studios, co - founder of the Wonderbirds Podcast

It’s been a pleasure working with Golan as a script editor and script consultant on my latest film. His huge experience in movies in various roles really helps to approach the script in different angles and makes the experience of rewriting enriching and holistic. He always says keep it simple, make it work for the audience. And in this simplicity lies his genius. Can’t wait to work with him again soon.

Ariel Cohen

Writer of "The Golem"